Best Flower Delivery in Makati

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flower delivery in makati
flower delivery in makati

Nowadays, anything can be delivered to your doorstep.

From parcels, letters, food, gadgets, even shampoo products, everything can be easily bought online and brought right at your feet in no time.

Flowers are no exception.

With the onset of online shopping or e-commerce, there has been a boom in the demand for hassle-free and easy buying products and services from the web. This technology has by all indications, creeped into the more market-specific enterprises.

One of which is flower delivery.

In retrospect, technology has really come a long way. Getting things delivered don’t primarily rely now on having a landline and calling a representative to get that midnight snack pizza.

Same is the case when you want to send that dozen roses without any worry.

In most parts of Metro Manila, there is a wide range of shops that offer this service. Most of these flower shops that offer flower deliveries are situated in Manila, Makati, Quezon City and Paranaque.

Though there are more of these websites situated as well in the provinces but of course they cater to a clientele closer to their area of coverage. So in other words, wherever you are in the Philippines, getting flowers as well sending them is just a click away.

Moreover, flower delivery has also become one of the more efficient ways of having a product delivered to you but still ensure the quality that need come with every purchase. In this type of electronic commercial trading, time is of the essence as flowers are naturally perishable and need the top-most degree of care when being transported from the shop to the hands of your intended recipient.

But don’t break a sweat as these flower shops have Quality Assurance for middle names. So don’t worry and fret because these shops won’t wilt on their service. Get the pun there? Okay, let’s proceed.

Whom To Deliver To

Forget about the cheesy letter you copy and paste from the internet, forget about the stuffed toys, forget about the chocolates that incur an unhealthy amount of sugar in the body- if you want to impress that girl you’ve been sneakily (almost weirdly) stalking and swooning about, why not try the cost-effective and highly-effective way of showing her your feelings. Flowers!

Of course this tip is only for those who still don’t want to give the bouquet personally go on a limb and try flower delivery to deliver that bouquet of feelings for her.

Keep in mind flowers need not be reserved for all the hoity-toityness of secret love, and anniversaries as you can always show your gratitude to your mom, teacher, aunt, and any other women of importance to show her your way of depicting gratitude.

You can also try out flower deliveries to send as a congratulatory gift to that company or office down the street for their successful opening, or to your boss in the office that has just been promoted to the top tier of management. And you know, maybe someday, you’ll be the one receiving. So keep it up.


How to setup a delivery

Having flowers delivered requires little to no effort. You just have to have a gadget or computer, a browser, and a reason behind the delivery and you’re all set. Oh yeah! Lest we forget, you need internet connection. Duh!

Just go the website of your favorite flower shops click on their “Deliver” tab, fill in the necessary information, select what type of floral product you want, input the mode of payment and now you’re really all set.

If you want help in finding the best fower shop near your location here is a list of the affordable, trusted and best flower deliveries in the metro:





Benefits of Flower Deliveries

Note that having flowers delivered is so easy and your intended recipient will receive these awesome gift in a jiffy. Having flowers delivered is an efficient way of getting that fresh batch rather than going to the flower market and going through the hustle and bustle of the marketplace.

Now you can have your flowers delivered with just a click of mouse and a touch of the keyboard. It’s so easy and you only need a minimal number of things to get you started.

You can see the option in a flash and flower delivery websites offer a wide range of galleries that you can choose from. No need to personally go to your local flower stand as you can see the arrangement of your ordered item with just a strike of a button.

Also, now that flower deliveries are now becoming a hit in the Philippines, expect that getting that next pot of wonderful, fresh and aromatic bundle will become easier by the improvement of technology and manpower.

How affordable is flower delivery?

Just as the subtitle on this article implies, there is a bevy of shops that offer affordable products on their list. Somehow the only problem one can encounter with flower deliveries is the choice. The manner of choosing where to order, what to order, and who to get that order delivered.

Even in finances, there is not much drawback in getting flowers delivered. The secret to a faster transaction in getting flowers delivered? Know what bouquet the missus likes beforehand!

The Verdict

In short, flowers need not be a laborious form of a gift. And having them delivered is close to none. Flower delivery in the Philippines is gradually taking shape and form with more and more shops offering the service in key cities and locations in both the metropolis and in provincial areas.

With the number increasing, these shops are starting to get competitive with promos, gimmicks and discounts. Most of these shops actually want it better if customers patronize the service all the more reason that they shell out amazing and enticing price cuts for their products.

Unlike deliveries that involve goods that are commonplace in the e-commerce realm such as gadgets and other electronic products, delivering flowers requires a certain level of care.

One cannot help but appreciate the effort that is vetted in every flower delivery to ensure that what you see on the monitor while searching for that perfect order will meet your standards and be brought to you as elegant as it is advertised.

Order now and see for yourself how people will ultimately love you for your decision.

It’s the start of the new year, and unless you’re still reeling from the festivities of the waxing of the new year, reality check- it’s the month of love already!

February is just around the bend and if you’ve still lived under a rock these couple of days (or you just choose intentionally to do so), then you’ll know that here comes the most awaited date for couples.

And Valentine’s Day has proved a business that many have come to cash in to. A very lucrative one at that.

Chocolates, teddy bears, sweets, letters, flash mobs, romantic dates and many more, this day is a really special day for lovebirds, but most of all for merchants, manufacturers, and businessmen.

Valentine’s Day has become a billion-dollar industry, and with all of its improvements, it has also found a way to be relevant in a fast-paced high-tech world.

In fact, the traditional flowers you can give to your crush this Valentine’s can be made to order, delivered right to their doorstep, and all in a jiffy!

If you’re still not sure why you should definitely give flower delivery a chance this Valentine’s Day, here are some of the cool things about flowers that you might not have known so you’ll

People have used flowers to symbolize complex emotions, like love, fidelity, and remembrance and throughout history, flowers have been used for many things.

Likewise, flowers have been used for centuries for healing purposes and other medicinal practices and aromatherapy. People nowadays, have commonly sent cut bouquets and arrangements as a way to communicate things. These could ways to sa “I’m sorry,” “Thank you,” or “Congratulations!.”

1.   Agave’s single blossom

The agave plant is often called “the century plant.” That’s because it can flourish for years on end without growing any flowers. Then, at the end of its life, an agave plant produces a single flower and dies.

2.  Moon flowers‘ odd blooms

Speaking of odd blooming patterns, moon flowers are another decidedly unique plant. While many flowers need at least a little sunshine to thrive, moon flowers bloom at night in the light of the moon.

3.  The oldest flower

In 2002, scientists found a fossil believed to be the world’s oldest flower. Now called “the mother of all flowers,” the Archaefructus sinensis is thought to have bloomed more than 125 million years ago in China.

4.  Sunflowers bask

Sunflowers are known for their charm and brightness, and their name is actually very apt. Sunflowers love the sun, and their heads change direction to point toward the sun as it moves from east to west each day.

In ancient Rome, a scientist was struck by the gladiolus’ resemblance to the swords gladiators used in battle. He named the bloom gladiolus after the Latin word for sword, “gladius.”

6.  The resurrecting lotus
The ancient Egyptians were passionate about the lotus flower, which they considered sacred. They said the flower symbolized resurrection because it’s capable of lying dormant for years during droughts, then blooming once the land becomes damp enough again. Egyptians even used the resurrecting flower during burials.

7.  Gas plants

Gas plants are known for their delicate white and pink blooms, but the plants produce more than just flowers. On warm nights, they emit a colorless gas, which some believe can actually be ignited.

8.  Hundreds of thousands of species

Scientists agree that hundreds of thousands of flowers exist – more than 270,000 at current count. Around 35,000 of those are various species of roses, which are some of the most culturally valuable and gifted flowers worldwide. The first person said to deliver roses was Samuel de Champlain, a French explorer who brought the symbolic flowers to North America in the 1600s.

9.   The world’s smelliest flower

The world’s smelliest flower, a Sumatran native called titan arum , is said to emit a stink similar to that of a dead body. For that reason, it’s commonly known as the “corpse flower.” Corpse flowers are also said to be the world’s largest flower, sometimes standing 3 meters tall!

10.  The price of tulips

Tulips have long been one of the biggest sellers in the world, especially in the Netherlands, where more than 3 billion tulips are produced each year. Never have they been more valuable than they were in the 17th century in Holland, though, when they were considered to be worth more than most precious metals, including gold. Some say one bulb could cost upward of $2,000! Another fun fact about tulips? They can replace onions in recipes.

Now we don’t suggest you give all of these species a try this Valentine’s DAy, but it’s a suggestion. It’s all up to you and it’s just a click away.

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