Having troubles with flowers? We have the best flower arrangement for all types of occasions.

Flowers have been part of our universal culture as a human race ever since recorded history.

They provide a slew of benefits both therapeutic and aesthetically. The myriad of flora species have been known to give health benefits when ingested or applied to the extremities as well as give off aromatherapeutic (or otherwise, thanks to some stinky species).

But our focus for today is the pleasing aspect of these flowers that can ornate any setting.

Again, flowers aren’t just a gesture to show our love during Valentine’s week. They are more than that.
In fact, these bright and blooming plants can be used to liven any setting. Whether you’re into a candlelit date with your special someone busying yourself with a fresh bouquet set on the dinner table, or just finding a nice centrepiece on the dining room, knowing how to properly arrange flowers is a big help to anyone who wants a quick fix to their design dilemma.
And flower arrangement is a big thing in some markets and many flower shops offer this service, but having the knack for flower arranging could really make you the honorary best tita of manila when the barkada comes over next week.
Moreover, having a floral display may it be small or big, can and will certainly paint a smile on any visitor’s face which can surprisingly improve moods and the ambience in an instant.
A word of caution though, unless you want some backlash from the floral arrangement purists, don’t just put together flowers out of the blue, it isn’t a matter of throwing in the pot any blooms you find.
Flower arrangement is a dedicated art form. This may not require for you to get a degree on horticulture neither is it as complicates as rocket science, but you do need to put an ample amount of thought in making your designs that will compliment each design element you choose to incorporate.
In addition, there are many more reasons why flower arrangement is an awesome inclusion to your home, office, school, or business. But let’s get to the process of flower arrangement first.
In choosing the color palettes, of your design, less is really more. Try to pick at most of three basic colors that are closely located on the color wheel. What this does is create a balance of hues from petals which blend seemingly unnoticeable into the design. This technique works wonders when you select the colors that will match the interiors of your design.
What you can do as well is to pick a pair of adjoining colors, for instance, purple and blue, as well as a contrasting color, in this case, orange, to really bring out a complimenting bouquet in your arrangement.
As for the the case in choosing to decorate a resto, keep in mind that petals aren’t susceptible to fall off while ensuring to rest the flowers in a solution primarily made out of sugar and water in order to prolong the plant’s life. Again the phrase to keep close to the heart “Simplicity is Beauty.” So keep the design small and simple.
On the other hand, the art of interior designing is key in countless professions. So when decorating your home come to play, flowers are the sure-fire way to lighten up any scenery.
The presence of flowers gives a zest of life to the space you are decorating as they do not only help beautify, but also an answer to combat the dull and dreary aura of most edifices as it promotes a welcoming and warm atmosphere to anybody.
According to a study conducted  Harvard University entitled “Home Ecology Flower Study” showing people to be less prone to depression and anxiety, as well as feel a couple times more compassionate when flowers are placed near their vicinity whether they’re at home, in the office, or in the general area of flowers.
1. Always keep cut flowers in a cool place but not directly under sunlight. You should also pack them loosely with moist greens in a box.
2. When carrying cut flowers, keep their heads down to ensure lesser chance of heavy-headed flowers tending to bend off or break.
3. Prior to flower arranngement, keep the vases to be transferred to washed well and clean. You can do this by mixing together water, vinegar and salt, leaving the concoction to sit overnight in order to remove stains from the vases and get rid of unpleasant smells.
4. Cut half an inch of the stems from the bottom daily and change the water to make the flower arrangements last longer.
5. For flowers to last long, don’t crowd them in one vase to avoid choking the stems which can cause the flowers to wither fast.
6. Put a spoonful of charcoal, ammonia or salt in the water to minimize the growth of bacteria which causes flower stems to deteriorate fast.

7. To revive wilting flowers, snip off an inch of stem under water, leave in a cool dark place for a few hours in a bucket of water.

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